Why Good Product Description Increases Sales

Why Good Product Description Increases Sales

Why Good Product Description Increases Sales



Good product descriptions is one of the best strategies to increase sales and raise the ranking of your product pages in search results.

In a nutshell, product description gives a brief information about the product being featured to hook the target market’s attention and eventually influence their purchasing decisions. The customers' initial impression of the product's specs comes from the product description and they could mislead the customer or fail to pique their attention entirely if the product description is not interesting at all. Therefore, to capture the interest of one’s target market, the description must be concise, clear, and intriguing.


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What is the product Description?

Benefits of a good product description that leads to an increase in sales

What information must a product description contain?

Tips and tricks in writing a good product description that sells

Real World Data to Consider


What is the product description?

Product description indicates information regarding a product or even some services. It is a form of marketing that compels the buyers to be interested in your product just by reading your product description. It contains details such as; what the product is and what it does, its features, benefits, and eye catching facts about it that would make a product appealing to a prospective customer. Having a good product description that is compelling and effective increases the possibility of luring potential buyers, it could impact their buying decision and eventually turn into sales.

A product description should have a strong readability or observable selling points that can be easily read. It can be short or long, it can be seen in one sentence, one paragraph, or even in a bullet form. You can be as creative as you can and depending on your target market you can make your product description to be either funny, informative, neutral, or eccentric. It is usually found beneath the products' titles and/or image. 


Example of a Product Description:


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Benefits of a good product description that leads to an increase in sales

  • Product Awareness. To begin with, an effective product description that is written cohesively can compel buyer’s attention to your product and this would subconsciously affect their buying decisions, thus boosting sales on your site. The buyers can be more inclined to purchase your goods if they are aware and can relate to it therefore pitching your product in a concise way can increase your sales because they have grasped what your product is for and the benefit that they could get from it.


  • Strong Readability. Good product description increases sales because it is one of the first things that they notice when surfing the net or buying online. According to Field Agent, 83% of US smartphone users said that product photographs and photos had a "very" or "very" significant influence, and nearly the same percentage (82%) felt the same about product descriptions and specifications.


  • Website Traffic. Your website or online store will rank higher as a result of a strong product description. It is important to have a good product description that captures the attention of the reader and minimizes bounce rates. A website's reputation and ranking will suffer from high bounce rates, therefore you must create content that keeps visitors on your pages. The more people visiting and staying on your website or viewing your products, the higher the probability that you'll get more visitors that could potentially buy your product. Therefore, more visitors equals more sales.


  • Discoverability. Before the customers even access your website, business owners or companies start marketing campaigns first through social networking sites. Thus, it is important to write good product descriptions in those marketing campaigns that retain the reader's mind. You may significantly raise your ranking in search engine results by strategically using the proper keywords when writing product descriptions. According to research, about 70% of all clicks come from the top five organic results. You will receive more website traffic as a result, which will increase your conversion rate.


  • Assist users in Developing a Mental Representation. Online stores or businesses must alluringly describe the products they offer to assist users in developing a mental image or representation of the product they offer. The idea is to make your products seem tangible and authentic by fusing good product descriptions with photographs and videos. The likelihood that users will buy your products increases if you execute it correctly.


  • Stand-out from Competitors. Good product description separates you from your competitors. It allows you to establish your superiority over competing businesses in the same industry. To create distinctive product descriptions, you need to decide on the most prevalent pain areas. When website visitors see that you are concerned about their needs, they will reward you with repeated purchases.


What information must a product description contain?

Generally, a basic product description should contain and feature three very important aspects. It must start off by the introduction of the product or “what the product is”. Then its features with which must include the specifications, and third is an either concise or detailed description of its benefits.

When establishing the product's identity you must accurately describe it to avoid confusion. Customers must be provided with the basic details regarding the product's major features and specifications which usually comprises information like colors, measurements, and weight. Lastly, benefits of the product must be made abundantly evident in descriptions in order to give potential customers specific justifications for why they should buy the product that you're offering.


Product Description in a nutshell commonly contains:

  • Product’s name
  • Details about the features of the product
  • Pricing details
  • Delivery Details
  • Product specifications (Size/Color/Weight/Dimensions and among others)
  • Product uses and benefits
  • Product image (if applicable but highly suggested to be included)
  • Specific instructions/guide
  • Stories relating the product to the ideal buyer
  • If applicable: Expiry date
  • Brand Information


Tips and tricks in writing a good product description that sells

According to reports, 40% of customers have returned an online purchase because the product content was inadequate. Therefore to avoid canceled or returned purchases one must invest time, money, and effort in writing a good and effective product description.

Here are the 8 highly curated tips and tricks that can result in a quality description for your online store's portfolio that could lead to sales.


  1. Know and convey the 5 Ws and the H of your product

- The 5 Ws stands for the what?, where?, when?, why? and the H stands for how?. Knowing Who the product is for?, What characteristic of it stands out?, Where is the preferred avenue or platform to sell it?, When does a customer use it?, Why would they want to purchase it? And How can they make use of or utilize the product?. All of these inquiries must be addressed in your product descriptions. If executed correctly, you can be guaranteed that everyone will understand what you are attempting to market.


  1. Recognize the target market and concentrate on them

- To begin creating product descriptions, determine your target market first. As a business owner, one of your initial jobs is to know who each product in the portfolio is intended for. You need to be able to understand which features would appeal to your target audience the most. One method to approach audience analytics is as follows:


Demographic Profiles : which comprises but is not limited to; gender, economic level, education, among other characteristics.

Location : Where does your ideal customer reside? This is crucial since people from various geographical locations typically have diverse interests and cultural backgrounds. It is important to ask or survey questions like “What language do they speak?”.

Purchasing habits : Your consumers' purchasing patterns might reveal a lot about them. You can ask questions like “What concerns are they hoping to resolve?”.

Psychographics : This section focuses solely on individual characteristics like attitudes, opinions, and personalities. A question like “What specifics of a product pique their interest?” can be used.


  1. Tempt with advantages and avoid uninteresting statements

- It's critical to highlight the product's advantages in a way that appeals to and engages potential buyers. A good product description must include the answers pertaining to these questions for it is what the consumers’ hopes to learn from the product description:

What does the actual user get out of it? Does your product address a pressing problem? How?

The trivial or uninteresting facts regarding the product don't hold their attention as much so avoid monotonous statements like “excellent quality”. Instead of using generic statements, always highlight the benefits that the consumers will get out of it.


  1. Entice with social proof

- A survey suggests that testimonials and social proof can boost sales page conversion rates by 34%. You can persuade a potential consumer to purchase by showing them how well-liked and well-reviewed your product is. Use strategies like emphasizing the inventory items that are most frequently purchased. The internet and our capacity for social interaction is an incredible marketing tool.


  1. Seduce your target market by using sensory words

- Words are power; it appeals to your reader’s imagination. It has the ability to help target customers visualize the product, and sensory words can also increase sales. Sensory words or phrases evokes at least one of the five senses—sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch—in the listener. It is a form of descriptive writing that appeals to the reader's senses and is designed to evoke mental imagery by appealing to the reader's mind on various levels. You can use sensory words to help you deliver concise, and smooth product descriptions. Moreover, it is an evident technique that is widely used especially by the food manufacturers and restaurant chains in their product description to attract customers.


  1. Make Use of Power Words

- There are specific words in digital marketing that are more powerful than others and it would help boost conversions and amp up your marketing. These words amplify the impact of your marketing efforts by evoking emotions and triggering curiosity. Strong word choices increase the likelihood that copywriters will persuade potential customers to purchase the goods.


Here are some power words that you can take advantage of when you write a product description.



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  1.  Integrate text with other content formats

- To provide customers a complete picture, the best product websites incorporate text and graphics. Without actually seeing a product, this format will allow users to understand everything there is to know about it. The graphics and videos combined with the product description should be of high-quality. With this you can help the reader envision what using your product is like.


  1. Strengthen SEO by using product descriptions

- Your web page must be easily searchable to grow conversions. It is only when used in association with SEO do product descriptions function effectively. The following strategies must be tested out in addition to utilizing the most popular keywords.

  • Avoid keyword stuffing and keep your writing natural.
  • Include meaningful tags whenever and wherever applicable.
  • Enhance heading and subheading that works well with SEO.
  • Look for keywords that are popular but have little competition.

Real World Data to Consider

Real World Data to Support the claims regarding good product description with evidence.

Using data from the actual world will help you make informed content marketing decisions.

  1. According to Shiprocket, before making a purchase, 85% of consumers perform online research. Therefore it is important that the product description is well written and informative and where the selling factors are easily noticed.

  2. According to Nosto, 64.2% of consumers return their online purchases because the product description does not match the product that they received or the product description is poorly written thus creating confusion and false information. Customers will be able to understand exactly what they are about to order if you carefully write up your product descriptions to include all relevant information about the product.


3. As reported by eMarketer in the chart that they published, they’ve highlighted the factors that US smartphone consumers believe to be most important when making a buying decision. 82% of the smartphone owners in the US are influenced by the product description of the product before making a purchase. https://business.trustedshops.com/blog/write-product-description-online-shop/

4. As stated by insiderintelligence conforming to the published article from salsify, product content which substantially includes the product description has increased in importance for brand marketers. A survey from 2018, states that nearly 99% of the brand marketers agree that increasing sales through digital platforms requires high-quality product material.

5. Detailed product description is among the top three factors that influenced the online consumers when purchasing an item according to onespace regardless of product category.Moreover, onespace also stated that specifications, which is a content included in the product descriptions, is an important factor to consider before making a purchase on a brand’s website or mobile app.

 6. Moreover, onespace also stated that specifications, which is a content included in the product descriptions, is an important factor to consider before making a purchase on a brand’s website or mobile app.

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