The Importance of Backlink to Business Owners

The Importance of Backlink to Business Owners

The Importance of Backlink to Business Owners


Backlinks are connections that lead to your website from another website. Although they can come from directories and social media platforms, blog posts and other websites' content are where they are most frequently found. These links shoulad ideally come from other websites that are pertinent to your niche and industry thus promoting you to the online community. According to uSERP study, 85% of business owners or marketers think that link building is key for building brand authority and awareness. Backlink is important to business owners because it will accelerate their website’s authority. High website’s authority means that your website or contents within it is acknowledged to be relevant, credible, and useful that could increase clients that are willing to be associated with your business and possibly turn into sales.


Table of Contents:

What is Backlink

Types of Backlinks

Importance of Backlinks

Importance of Backlink in Business/Business Owners

Backlink Analytics

Does Backlinking Work

How to Get a Backlink


What is Backlink?

Backlinks which could also be called “inbound links”, “one way links”, or “incoming links”, are links that lead to a page on another website from one website. Simply, your site has a backlink from the person who links to it. When you connect to another website, you are giving them a backlink. Major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and among others think of Backlinks as “votes” for a certain page. Pages having a lot of backlinks typically score well in organic search results.


Types of Backlinks

There are two basic types of backlink: the nofollow and dofollow links.

  • Dofollow links - Dofollow links will be crawled and indexed by search engines and used in their ranking algorithms. Also, this type of links are very important for determining a page's search ranking; as a result, they are regarded more than nofollow links and ought to be the main goal of the SEO campaigns.
  • Nofollow links - Nofollow links is a request for links to not be indexed by search engines.


Importance of Backlinks

Various basic benefits that can be derived from backlinks.

  • Rankings. Backlinks are identified by search engines as “votes of confidence” which are basically votes coming from other websites. In essence, these votes inform search engines that the content of the website is credible, helpful, vital, and valuable. Backlinks to your website basically let search engines know that other people trust or vouch your material. As simply as it is, the more votes your website gets, the more likely they are to rank higher for relevant search queries.
  • Website’s Real-Life Authority. Backlinks are a key component that search engine algorithms take into account when ranking crawled pages because they indicate a website's actual authority on the topic it covers. Every backlink your website receives informs Google that it has relevant, worthwhile content that other websites want to link to. When credible, well-known websites link to your material, Google will recognize it as authoritative and read-worthy to display to users when they search for information on your subject.
  • Referral Traffic. Backlinks are there to exactly lead users to relevant and high-quality materials that is why they are clickable. You receive referral traffic when a user clicks on a link to your website. Since the user is curious enough to jump to your website seeking any information, the bounce rate from referral traffic is way less than any other kind of traffic. This makes backlink an important factor in optimizing your website.
  • Visibility/Discoverability. Search engines inspect for new material/content by returning to previously visited webpages to look for fresh new links. If you receive backlinks from popular pages, search engines may find your content more quickly since they revisit popular pages more frequently than unpopular ones.
  • Brand Awareness. When visitors come to your website for a particular piece of information or content, you direct them to other blogs through backlinks so they spend more time on your website, which in turn will impact the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rankings and increase brand awareness.


Importance of Backlink in Business/Business Owners

Backlinks are important particularly if you want your business to be established and to flourish. It is crucial to gain higher ranking in search engines and build relationships to other websites for your business to be relevant and popular.

  • The higher rank your website gets the more users will be able to see your business and click your website. These users could be your potential consumers and along with that, users clicking your link also adds to your referral traffic. Moreover, each lead who subscribes to your newsletter or responds to your website call to action has the potential to result in a sale.
  • Building backlink relationships with other websites helps build your brand. For example, a very popular and high-quality website links to yours. It is going to be an advantage to you, you’ll benefit from that in view of the fact that their consumers will see and recognize that this particular brand that they adore or regularly subscribe to is willing to be associated with your business. Therefore, your business has a high possibility of being noticed by their consumers.
  • Brand authority and recognition within your industry is established by building backlinks relevant to your business. Business owners should carefully and analytically choose the contents, links, or sites that they associate into. By making sure that it is providing a business, content, or material that is informative, useful, credible, and to be sought after. Applying those to yours also strengthens your website’s reputation and brand authority that could most likely attract other relevant websites to link to yours.

Backlink Analytics that you have to Know

  • The first ranking page on Google has an average of 3.8x more backlinks than positions 2-10
  • The two top factors for appearing in search results for desired keywords on Google are content pieces and backlinks. RankBrain comes next. (Google)


  • Blog posts containing 3,000+ words receive more backlinks on average than blog posts under 3,000 words, making long-form content a crucial tool to employ as soon as you start a blog. (Moz)
  • 1% of SEOs believe that backlinks have a big impact on search engine rankings (uSERP State of Link Building).
  • 65% of marketers believe domain rating / domain authority is the most important metric for overall backlink quality. (uSERP State of Link Building)

More than 60% of businesses outsource link building efforts to agencies or contractors. (uSERP State of Link Building)



    Does Backlinking Work?

    Definitely. However as a Business Owner, one must not only rely on only one business strategy like Backlinking.

    As of 2022, Backlinking still ranks #1 as the best indicator of a website's quality. Although the Google algorithm is constantly being adjusted to take factors like link quality over quantity into account, backlinking is still crucial if you want to appear in search results.


    How to Get a Backlink for Free

    Simple quick strategies for how to get backlinks for free.

    1. Broken-Link Building Method - This strategy requires getting in touch with a webmaster to report broken links on his/her website, and this is where you simultaneously make suggestions or recommendations of getting an alternative website to replace the broken links. With that, you could subtly pitch and endorse the website you own and since you;ve done the webmaster a favor by reporting the damage, the probability of him/her to backlink to your website is quite high. This method works well to create one-way backlinks.



      • To use this method, the first step is to identify which of the websites is relevant in your field that have resources pages. To identify which, the following search queries in Google can be used.

      Your keyword(s) + resources

      Your keyword(s) + links

      Keyword(s) inurl:links

      2. Backlinks through Infographics - Visual Data is easy and quick to comprehend and discuss with others. Infographics for instance is one of the most well-liked and often used strategies for increasing website traffic and acquiring beneficial backlinks.
      • To use this method, the first step is to choose your infographics meticulously, it must involve a unique and interesting story to capture the interest of your audience. To assemble your infographics lists of options, you must observe, gather and research the latest trending topics and identify whatever the people are currently looking for, and then make your infographics using statistical data you’ve gathered. If you do not have a background of making your content visual then find someone who does.
      • Secondly, when the infographic is set and ready, you must facilitate a way to share it to others easily. To do such, make you own fixed code by using the Siege Media generator

      • Third, when everything’s ready and your infographic is already posted and pinned on your website, it is finally time to disseminate it.
      • Lastly, do email outreach to people within your field and to people who have formerly linked or have shared to various social networking sites such similar infographics.
      3. Do Guest Blogs, Podcasts, or Articles - There is an advantage in guesting or collabing to other platforms with other people, brand, website. For once it is one of the most effective ways in reaching new audiences and getting more exposure, especially if you publish articles on other popular websites thus increasing your online reputation and following.


      Here are three ways to find websites that welcomes guest articles/blogs:

      • Identify article/blogs accepting guest contributors, the following search queries in Google can be used.\

      Your keyword(s) + guest post by

      Your keyword(s) + want to write for

      Your keyword(s) + now accepting guest posts

      Your keyword(s) + inurl:write-for-us

      Your keyword(s) + guest-post

      Your keyword(s) + become a contributor

      Your keyword(s) + become an author

      Your keyword(s) + bloggers wanted

      Your keyword(s) + submit an article

      Your keyword(s) + contribute

      • Identify influencers or content creators publishing guest posts regularly and on the same website they've had earlier, try to contribute an article/blog.
      • Utilize various social networking sites to find other options available. For instance in Twitter, try searching for “guest author”, “guest article” or “guest post”. For this to be an effective backlinking method, make certain that you are linking your social media profiles or website whenever you publish a guest article.

       4. Spy on your Competitors - You have to be up-to-date with the new strategies and methods that’s up in the market. Users and consumers are always searching for something new. Constantly evaluating and developing your own methods might not suffice in this growing internet community. You have to spy on your competitors on social media and look for their link-building or earning techniques, as well as their content-marketing methods.


      The following are some steps on how to Spy on your Competitors:

      • Regularly check new published contents on your competitor’s websites by setting yourself up for alerts like subscribing to their email newsletter, creating a Google alert or by following them in their social networking sites accounts.
      • Have information on when and what backlinks your competitors are building or earning. This will enable you to duplicate their most effective backlinks and gain a better understanding of the techniques they employ to advertise their website. Imitate them if possible. Try to become a guest author on the same websites if they are receiving links from guest blogging. If the majority of their links originate from blog reviews, contact those bloggers and offer them a free trial of your solution. In the future, they might publish a review of it.

      Check out to spy on your competitor’s backlink. This tool would allow you to monitor your main competitor’s backlink status, the growth and decline of their backlink profiles and you could also get a complete breakdown of their backlink profile. In addition, you could also be able to see domain and page-level metrics for any competitors, see estimated organic traffic to each linking page and referring domain, see all websites linking to your competitor with domain-wide metrics and a lot more functions. So go check it out.



       5. Build Internal Links - With internal backlinking, you can easily use your anchor texts. You can make it simpler for visitors to move across your website and improve their overall experience by using an effective internal linking structure. There are tools that can automatically create internal links on your blog, especially if you are running Wordpress, but you should do this manually. For both usability and SEO, Microsoft's Matt Cutts advised webmasters to limit the number of internal links per page to under 100.
      6. Recommend your Content - One best way for your website/article/blog to be recognized is for you to promote it through recommendation using email outreaching and by contacting bloggers or websites conducting weekly or monthly roundup. Google and search for queries like “Keyword(s) + roundup” can be used.

      • After that, get in touch with the webmasters and offer them a brief overview of your website. Include a link to one of your finest articles, blogs or tutorials. In their upcoming weekly roundup, they might connect to you if they think your material is helpful.
      7. Draft Testimonials to Websites you are Using - Spending a few minutes writing testimonials for an authoritative website will guarantee you a link from them. The likelihood of receiving a link in exchange for a review is very high if you are a customer of that product.
      8. Consider High Domain Authority Sites - The measurement of a website's authority is called domain authority. It rates a website's significance and dependability. It's one of the key indicators search engines consider when ranking pages. Use an SEO tool (such as Moz, Ahrefs, or SEMrush) to examine the domain authority of a website before attempting to obtain links from it to decide whether the effort is worthwhile. Anywhere from 40-60 (medium) to 70-99 (high) DA is acceptable, but keep in mind that getting links of better caliber requires more work.


      To get started with your Backlinking building, check out where high quality backlinks are within your reach to boost your webpages, build on your page's reputation and improve your SEO and Google results rankings. With WINTERPLAY STUDIOS, you are guaranteed with backlink plans that are always relevant, effective, and safe.







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