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The Ultimate Guide on How To Increase traffic To Your E-commerce Website


Table of Contents:


Which approach is ideal for your business?

Facebook ads

Instagram ads

Pinterest ads

Google Ads

TikTok Ads

Encourage family and friends to share

Actively participate on Twitter

Construct excitement through gifts and contests

Offer limited-time savings

Offer limited-time savings

Provide samples for free to Instagram influencers

Involve the press and bloggers

Create a blog article with guidance from influencers

Create blogs to share information or address issues

Include internal links to and from key pages

Improve your pages using long-tail keyword variations



You've worked hard on your eCommerce website but do not see the traffic you need to make sales. It might be discouraging when you work so hard on something that doesn't work out. You feel like you're doing everything right, but your traffic numbers just aren't budging.

We've been there, too. But we found a solution and want to share it with you! In this guide, we'll teach you how to increase traffic to your eCommerce website using tried and true methods that actually work.


Which approach is ideal for your business?

For your business, some sources will drive more high-quality traffic, while others will drive more low-quality traffic.

Consider the scenario where your target audience is a group of young professionals looking to purchase odd office equipment. In comparison to, for example, Pinterest, LinkedIn might be a better choice. On the other hand, TikTok might be the ideal choice if your target demographic is under 20-year-olds.

By focusing twice as hard on the most relevant traffic you can obtain, website traffic acquisition success can be found. Obviously, everyone's definition of "the most relevant traffic you can discover" varies greatly, so let's examine each method for boosting web traffic in more detail:

Traffic potential: The potential volume of customers who could visit your store.

Effort: The amount of time, knowledge, or experience required to implement the technique.

Cost: The initial sum of money required to implement the strategy.

Type of tactic: Whether the concept will serve as a long-term or short-term traffic generator. Short-term strategies typically yield quicker returns but demand more upkeep or reinvestment. Long-term strategies take longer to produce benefits, but they are more durable and need less upkeep.

Tie to return on investment (ROI): It will take days, weeks, or months to see a return on your investment (ROI), whether you put time, money, or effort into a traffic-driving strategy.

Remember: Choose a strategy that you can regularly use as your goal. You won't get results if you stretch yourself too thin by attempting too many strategies at once; at that point, you'll become discouraged and feel like giving up.

Start it off by using Paid social media advertising

You must be able to put your company in front of your ideal clients if you want to improve website traffic. You may design highly targeted campaigns that provide unique advertisements to the customers most likely to click through and buy your products using paid social media marketing.


  1. Facebook ads

With 2.9 billion active users per month as of the first quarter of 2022, Facebook is the most popular social media platform worldwide. So you have many chances on Facebook to find new consumers and attract them to your online store. You can target people using its feature-rich advertising platform in accordance with their interests, actions, location, and more. By maximizing the distribution of your ads and putting your message in front of those who are most likely to convert, Facebook can also be a tool that helps you save time and money.


Using Facebook Dynamic Ads, you can even show previously-visited consumers dynamically produced advertising for the goods they've already browsed or put into their carts. You can increase your website's traffic by using this effective advertising to entice users to return.


  1. Instagram ads

Instagram is a very successful platform with more than 1 billion active users worldwide and 90% of accounts following businesses.

A few Instagram techniques to increase your following include posting videos or photographs for marketing purposes or finding hashtags on the platform. However, if you currently have a sizable following on Instagram, you aren't truly leveraging it to its best potential until you've tried its advertising platform. Instagram ads are most likely to increase website traffic and sales.

Ensure that you've created an Instagram Business account or transformed your personal account into a business account. As a result, you'll have even more opportunities to engage your audience through Instagram ads. Thanks to the platform's flexibility to produce ads such as photographs, videos, carousels, collections, and stories, you can start making advertisements in the most convenient content.

Looking for ways to increase your traffic? Check out our services for more information.


  1. Pinterest ads

As users use the platform to think about upcoming activities and purchases, Pinterest is the best area to connect with your potential consumers. According to Pinterest, 89% of users are on Pinterest for purchase inspiration In a separate survey, they discovered that 47% of Social media users saw Pinterest as the platform for discovering and shopping for products.


Pinterest is perfect for companies looking to break into these areas because it is well-liked among niche markets like DIY crafts, home decorating, and remodeling.

Promoted Pins, a type of sponsored promotion available on Pinterest that places your Pins at the top of your customer's search results, can help you stand out from the competition. Pinterest is a fantastic tool for grabbing your consumers' attention and directing them to your online store because Promoted Pins blend in with the site's other content.


  1. Google Ads

Google Ads, as opposed to social network advertising platforms, provide a singular opportunity to market your goods and services to people who are already actively looking for them. According to Emarketer, 35% of consumers make a purchase five days after conducting a product search.


You have the choice of showing your advertisement to users on the two biggest search engines in the world: Google and YouTube. Although the platform enables you to boost web traffic and sales, its disadvantages include the complexity of the platform for new users and the possibility of spending a lot of money advertising to the wrong audience.

Search advertisements (SERPS), Google Display Network (PPC), and YouTube ads are the three methods offered by Google for getting your ad in front of online browsers. The amount you pay on the keywords you've selected will have an impact on how you rank in relation to other bidders and how pertinent your advertisement is to the search term. You are aware of the power of some of the insights Google can provide if you have ever used Google Analytics.


  1. TikTok Ads

TikTok isn't only a platform for stupid videos and memes, as many people think. It is still a very effective platform for advertisers in almost every demographic. Data.Ai states that "TikTok scored #1 among all apps and games by consumer spend in Q1 2022 and the prior quarter, becoming the first app ever to surpass a game in consumer spend in a given quarter, first in Q4 2021, then again in Q1 2022.



Furthermore, Q1 2022 saw the highest global TikTok spend of any app or game's history. Consumer spending on the app exceeded $840 million globally, up 40% from Q4 2021.

Although using the platform to produce high-quality content does involve some investment, it may be a terrific tool in your marketing toolbox.



Social media involvement goes beyond merely posting a link to your online business on Facebook, Twitter, etc., hoping that it would enhance website traffic. Instead, social engagement entails starting dialogues with the appropriate people, replying with consideration, and igniting enthusiasm. So, let's continue tackling other techniques besides well-known social media platforms.


  1. Encourage family and friends to share

Turning to friends and family for assistance when starting a business is a terrific way to increase initial visibility, traffic, or even your first transaction (thanks, Mom!). Of course, it will likely be extremely unusual for your friends and family to witness you open your internet store because people don't start businesses very often. But, hopefully, they'll be open to hearing about your brand-new company venture.

Do you know the Upworthy website? Did you even know that family and friends were responsible for their first momentum? By the end of the day it began, it set out to amass 1,000 Facebook fans. It was effective, which contributed to its initial takeoff momentum.

Make targeted contact with your friends and family. You won't cause anyone to become irritated by it. Update Facebook with information about your shop.

Are there ways to communicate with your extended family? Do they use an email list to organize reunions? Create an open letter for friends and family about your new business.



Don't concentrate your request on enticing them to purchase your goods. You may give your products to your friends and family for free or at a steep discount because they are your friends and family, but you should still urge them to tell their networks about your store. Since you have social equity with these individuals, you won't frequently request their favors. In comparison to approaching strangers, you'll have a better success rate. If enough of them share, it could provide you with enough momentum to maintain a steady flow of clients.


  1. Actively participate on Twitter

You can interact with individuals on Twitter before you start selling items. There are numerous strategies to get known as a hip new store.

In order to guarantee a positive response when its first bakery opened its doors, Toronto's Blackbird Baking Company cultivated a Twitter following of over 1500 active, enthusiastic bread enthusiasts.



Although having 1500 followers is by no means ground-breaking, it can be challenging to get new fans when a new company is being established, and a social media account is being built from scratch. So how did Blackbird acquire a few hundred users before launch?

The bakery started by employing a deliberate social media marketing plan. It got some follow-backs by following a few people on Twitter who it thought may be interested in a new bakery. These people in Toronto include chefs, restaurateurs, and bread fans.

In your field, you can also locate people with comparable or specialized interests. Followerwonk is one tool for finding relevant users. In addition, you can search for relevant keywords in bios and profiles by logging in via Twitter.



Second, Blackbird has started sharing pictures on Facebook and Instagram of its bread being cooked and transported to shops in Toronto. The images are delectable and shareable.

Third, Blackbird Baking Company regularly responds to those who tweet about the neighborhood. Toronto life, delicious food, and of course, bread are all covered. As a result, many eager customers were waiting to purchase bread when the bakery eventually opened.


  1. Construct excitement through gifts and contests

Contests and giveaways are excellent strategies to grow your Instagram following, boost social media interaction, and enhance website traffic. 95% of the time, when you offer a contest or giveaway, users share the promotion right away after they sign up. Additionally, 62% of all participants share the campaign with a friend and encourage them to participate.



By providing alluring rewards in exchange for participation in viral competitions, giveaways, and sweepstakes, you may quickly increase traffic to your store. Prizes and incentives work well to draw in both present and prospective clients to your business.


  1. Offer limited-time discounts

Giving out limited-time discounts can be a highly efficient approach to encourage people to take action, hence boosting traffic and revenue. In addition, you may use scarcity, a potent psychological sales driver, by giving your deal a deadline.

The example below shows a discount from the brand of bags and accessories known as Rareform that ends after one day. Due to its more prominent brand, Rareform, it can afford to provide its products with a 50% discount and hold flash sales. If you recently opened your store, consider introducing a minimum purchase requirement. This can be a clever technique to ensure you don't give away the farm while still giving your supporters a pleasant reward.



You can make customers offers besides only product discounts. Free shipping can strongly induce customers from social media or email marketing efforts to your store if you don't generally offer it.


Did you know that you may reach new audiences by using influencer marketing?

The technique of employing influencer marketing to introduce new audiences to your online store involves developing relationships with influencers. According to BrightLocal, 88% of individuals place as much trust in online evaluations provided by other customers as they do in personal recommendations.



Influencer marketing enables you to tap into their creativity and reach while generating referral traffic to your store by utilizing the trust that relevant influencers in your field have already established with their audiences.


  1. Provide samples for free to Instagram influencers

One of the best marketing tools for e-commerce companies is Instagram. Yotpo estimates that at least 30% of Instagram users have bought something they found there. Knowing how to target influencers is also a terrific method to raise brand awareness and perhaps even attract customers to your store.

Getting bloggers and social media influencers like those in your target market to try out and review your product is a powerful way to get in front of new potential customers. You can Start by approaching nano-influencers; they typically have between 1,000 – 100,000 followers.



In 2021, 44.13 percent of all influencer accounts on Instagram had between 5,000 and 20,000 followers. Nano-influencers with 1,000 to 5,000 subscribers were the second most popular group, making up 27.86% of all influencers. Mega-influencers and famous people with more than one million subscribers made up 0.34 percent of the total, while mid-tier influencers with 20,000 to 100,000 followers made up 22.73 percent of the total.

When looking for an Instagram influencer to collaborate with, consider these queries:

  • Do they have a huge and active fanbase?
  • Do their followers seem interested in the same things as your target audience?
  • Do they produce high-quality content that is on brand for you?
  • What is their engagement rate like?
  • Do they have any negative comments or feedback from their followers?
  • If you can answer yes to all of these questions, then you've found an influencer that is worth working with!

On Instagram, influencer marketing is a fantastic approach to advertise your brand and reach new customers. However, it's important to ensure you're working with the right influencers who will be a good fit for your brand. You can uncover influencers who are a good fit for your company by using the questions above.


  1. Involve the press and bloggers

Growing and marketing a business on your own is challenging. The more connections you have when it comes to selling online, the better—especially if they're relationships with actively engaged audiences. Having connections that will promote your goods is crucial for boosting website traffic and sales. In this case, blogger outreach is necessary.

The goal of blogger outreach goes beyond simply making online acquaintances. Reaching out to others is still possible even if you don't have many internet acquaintances. The secret to effective blogger outreach is to provide value and make clear your offer's benefits to bloggers.

Here are five blogger outreach ideas to help you generate traffic:

  • Make contact with blogs that cover subjects that are similar to yours and offer to write a guest post for them. This will expose you to their audience, and providing quality content can help you build relationships with other bloggers in your niche.
  • Work together on a blog post or social media campaign with other bloggers or influencers in your field. This can aid in expanding your audience and promoting your brand.
  • Participate in online and offline events that are relevant to your niche. This can help you establish connections with future clients or consumers and is a terrific method to network with other bloggers and influencers.
  • Give away freebies or exclusive content to bloggers who write about your niche. This is an effective method to network with other bloggers and gain exposure.
  •  Offer to guest post on other blogs or write articles for other websites. This can aid in expanding your audience and promoting your brand.

You're not required to focus on the biggest and most prosperous individuals. Because they aren't continually inundated with requests, influencers with a smaller audience have a better chance of including you. Remember that audience loyalty matters almost as much as audience size. By using these suggestions, you can begin to network with influencers and other bloggers and drive traffic from fresh sources.


  1. Create a blog article with guidance from influencers

This strategy is an extension of blogger outreach and deserves its section because it has been successful in the past and is still effective now.

The primary strategy is to write a blog article containing an influencer and their advice and send it to them through email or Twitter in the hopes that they will share it with their audience. However, simply distributing content won't suffice. In addition to having a strong link development and content promotion plan, you should ensure that each of your articles has at least 1,200 words. Why? Because of this:



By the beginning of 2020, the majority of blog posts contained between 1,231 and 1,351 words. Want to increase your potential for a higher ranking? Consider writing a post with over 2,000 words that is a major resource!

Here are two concepts as an example to get you started:

  1. Consult influencers about a product.Think about publishing a blog article as a cosmetics company about things to look for when purchasing your next foundation. Ask influencers who write or upload videos of their evaluations what they believe is the most crucial feature to look for when purchasing a new foundation. You can do this with as few or as many influencers as you choose.
  1. Make a comprehensive list of reliable experts in your field.Buyers are constantly looking for industry experts they can rely on to obtain customer feedback. If there are influencers in your sector, consider creating a blog article that identifies the top five, ten, or twenty reliable influencers in your niche. You'll be able to assist potential customers and begin cultivating positive relationships with influencers by doing this.

Once your blog article is complete, get in touch with the influencer once more, provide them with a link, and ask them to share it with their audience.

You can feature an influencer before they feature you, saving them time. This could help you start connecting with and developing relationships with industry influencers.


  1. Create blogs to share information or address issues

More than twenty billion blog pages are viewed each month on WordPress, the most popular blogging platform in the world, by 479 million users. In addition, WordPress users create roughly 70 million new posts and 77 million new comments within the same time period.



There are plenty of opportunities to reach an audience, but if you want to use blogging to attract relevant customers and drive traffic back to your store, you'll need to be strategic about your targeting. The greatest way for a blog is to solve issues through content while also providing "search engine findable," yet it is difficult. However, it's the exact definition of what a skilled content marketer does. Customer journey planning, persona development, keyword research, and content gap analysis are all part of blog content marketing.

Tip: To make your store more discoverable, use SEO

Can customers find your store online?

Given that 75% of clicks go to the first three results on a search engine results page, according to research by marketer Brian Dean, you want your store to be one of the first results buyers see when they search for your products. That coveted position is essential for driving consistent, targeted visitors to your online store.


  1. Include internal links to and from key pages

Getting external links is a crucial and well-known SEO method, but internal links are also crucial for page rankings in search engines. This is due to the Google metric known as PageRank, a system that can gauge a page's significance and value based on the number and caliber of other pages that link to it.

Linking from domain sites with a high PageRank can convey authority and improve the ranking of the target page. Alternatively, you can send that PageRank back to your priority pages by connecting your website's lower priority pages to its high priority pages. According to an Inlink survey of almost 6,000 websites, 82% of all internal link chances were lost.



If you don’t want that to happen, here's what you can do:

  • Link to your product pages from your blog posts
  • Link to your blog posts from your home page and other high-priority pages
  • Use keyword-rich anchor text for links (e.g., "our new collection of women's shoes")
  • Use breadcrumb navigation to show users their location on your site
  • Add a "Related Posts" section to blog posts to encourage further reading

Increasing the number of internal links on your website makes it easier for search engines to find and index your pages. This can lead to higher rankings and increased traffic over time.


  1. Improve your pages using long-tail keyword variations

You must develop a keyword plan for your e-commerce website to generate organic search engine traffic consistently. Because they are simpler to find and investigate, it is simple to concentrate on short, high-volume terms, but if you aren't looking at long-tail keywords, you can lose out on page views. 

The graph below demonstrates how Google's ranking algorithm is impacted by the long tail of search phrases. Word count and volume are shown by the x-axis number, while search volume over time is shown by the y-axis number.

The "fat head" area of this chart contains short-tail keywords.


When it comes to how many people will view your ad and be interested in what you have for sale, long tail keywords are the secret to success. Because one or two highly competitive words aren't worth spending money irrationally on, pinning advertising on these phrases can result in not only a higher ROI but also better overall performance across all channels of marketing with less waste.This is fantastic news because long-tail keywords are simpler to rank for and frequently receive significantly higher traffic rates from search engines than shorter and more general terms.

Let's use the sale of the Logitech C310 webcam as an example of how you can enhance your exposure to long-tail variations and boost traffic. We'll optimize our website to rank for as many searches as possible. If we wanted to go deep, a free service like could find many long-tail inquiries. Alternatively, we could utilize a tool like Google Keyword Tool and build a list of all the long-tail versions. Additionally, we should check the related searches shown by Google at the bottom of the search results page. For example, the following are related searches for "Logitech C310":



Due to the fact that our Logitech C310 page is optimized for the term "Logitech C310," we don't need to copy or paste each long-tail search term into the website. Instead, to increase our chances of ranking for "Logitech C310," we want to incorporate the distinctive variations at the end of the phrase into our material.

We would want to select the most pertinent words from the previously mentioned linked searches and add them to our page. We can compare the differences between the C270 and C615 models by using the phrases "vs. C270" and "C615," for example, and we can include the words "review" and "Windows 10" as well. Your page may rank for a larger range of queries if all of these recently added modifiers are incorporated into the copy.

Not every modifier we discovered will be relevant. For example, branded keywords like "amazon" won't be helpful because they already have several modifiers. But more often than not, by searching for long-tail variations, we'll find a few gold nuggets that could assist raise our traffic and prospective ranking prospects.



If you've taken the suggestions in this guide and put in the effort, your eCommerce website should be seeing more visitors. But remember, it takes time and effort to see real results. So keep up the good work, and track your progress to continue improving. Winterplay Studios can help in increasing the traffic to your website. We provide a range of web traffic services that have been shown to enhance viewership and help in bringing in more leads and clients. To discover more, go here.


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