Digital Marketing for Manufacturing Business

14 Effective Tips On Email Campaigns for Manufacturing Business

14 Effective Tips On Email Campaigns for Manufacturing Business


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Email Marketing Tips for your Manufacturing Business

  • Tip #1: Choose the Best Software for Email Marketing
  • Tip #2: Create a Strong Email List
  • Tip #3: Utilize Tools for Personalization and Segmentation
  • Tip #4: Make sure your subject line is appropriate
  • Tip #5: Produce helpful content
  • Tip #6: Directing visitors to additional useful site content
  • Tip #7: Take Advantage of Email Marketing Automation
  • Tip #8: Never, ever, ever send SPAM
  • Tip #9: Progress updates
  • Tip #10: Send It When It Should Be Sent
  • Tip #11: Check Your Email's Deliverability
  • Tip #12: Aim for the Holidays
  • Tip #13: Reward loyal customers
  • Tip #14: Analyze and Test Your Email Campaigns

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Email marketing has been at the leading edge of the digital marketing industry since Gary Thuerk advertised his company's computers in a group message addressed to 400 subscribers in 1978. He made millions of dollars in sales because of that one email, and many other businesses have experienced the same success since then.

The reason email marketing has thrived for so long is simple: it is effective. Everyone is always using their phones. Every day, multiple times a day, they check their email. After all, a person's hobbies, employment, and social life are all visible through their email inbox.

Manufacturers should take this into consideration. These individuals are more than simply numbers on a spreadsheet. They are actual people holding important roles at companies you care about. Manufacturing must pay attention to such a crucial component of modern marketing, with 3.9 billion active email subscribers by the end of 2019 and the potential to increase to 4.48 billion by 2024.

Given your newfound understanding of email marketing's true potential, let's get into a few effective tips for email campaigns.

Email Marketing Tips for your Manufacturing Business

Tip #1: Choose the Best Software for Email Marketing

The software you use will, first and foremost, have a big impact on how well your email marketing campaigns perform. 



With the help of smart email marketing software, you can create, segment, personalize, and automate persuading emails for your prospects and clients. Additionally, it will be able to track and analyze data, enabling you to determine which kinds of emails are more effective than others. Any email marketing program that can connect to your CRM will give you an advantage when it comes to importing leads, monitoring warm leads, and up or cross-selling to current customers.

Tip #2: Create a Strong Email List

Simply said, an email list is a group of email addresses that you collect, keep, and use to deliver information. If you're starting from scratch, building an email list that will last could seem impossible. However, this is a great place to start if you want to develop a loyal email subscriber list with highly qualified prospects.



Even if there are certain websites where you can buy sizable, ready-made email lists, buying contacts is never a good idea. One benefit of email marketing is the ability to speak directly with customers who have shown an interest in your products or services. Buying lists eliminates this advantage. In this instance as well, quality wins over quantity. So rather than purchasing one, use one of these strategies to establish a profitable email list from the ground up:

  • Place a pop-up or call-to-action on your website to encourage visitors to subscribe to email newsletters.
  • Gather email addresses from passersby at your fair trade booth (important in the manufacturing industry!).
  • Produce engaging material that users can access after submitting their email addresses. For manufacturers, capability downloads and product catalogs are always a smart idea!
  • Use your social media profiles and email signature for advertising your email newsletters.

Once you've created a list of prospects, be careful not to delete it.

Tip #3: Utilize Tools for Personalization and Segmentation



After you've generated your email list, it's time to segment it. You can divide your subscribers into a variety of groups based on any desired criteria using any top-notch email marketing software. Some common email segmentation criteria are as follows:

  • Steps in the purchasing process, such as awareness, consideration, and decision
  • What specific product or service do they want more information on?
  • Occupation and industry
  • Location

During the segmentation process, it's important to get to know your buyer personas very well. Recognize the needs of your clients and speak with them directly. Personalization touches go further than you would think, such as putting their name in the subject line or mentioning their company.

Tip #4: Make sure your subject line is appropriate

Email subject lines are regularly used to evaluate emails. You need something that will stand out in their inboxes of marketing emails from other businesses and encourage them to open it rather than delete it.



You might be wondering what exactly qualifies as a "catchy" subject line, and the answer is typically anything concise and to the point that conveys a sense of urgency, curiosity, and/or timeliness. Think carefully about what you want those 40–50 characters to convey. 

Tip #5: Produce helpful content

Make sure your email's content is of excellent quality if your subject line persuades your prospect to open it; otherwise, they won't be as motivated to read your emails in the future.



In the manufacturing industry, education is a critical component of lead generation and lead nurturing. Since advancement is the foundation of our existence, your prospects are interested in learning more about the tools and technology you are developing. Because of this, the emphasis of your email's content should be on delivering value to readers rather than driving sales. 

As a result, there is a greater chance that they will trust you, interact with you, and do business with you. This also boosts your reputation and authority in the industry. Are you looking for email content inspiration? Here are some considerations:

  • You should list resources like the most recent posts on your website.
  • Current events and industry news
  • Important features of the product and service
  • sales or discounts
  • To make a point, use case studies as an example.
  • Changes within your company (events, employment, etc.)
  • Any information you learn that a significant portion of your clients don't already know but could be useful

Tip #6: Directing visitors to additional useful site content

When your leads open your email, give them something to do. Sending links to further helpful content on your website is a great email marketing strategy for keeping recipients interested and helping them discover more about you.



Types of links to include in your email:

Contextual Links: 

These are incredibly relevant links to the article's subject matter. Place the most significant and relevant links at the top of the email. Links to related promotions, articles, or product pages can also be added. They are more likely to induce click-through if placed near the email's start.

Bonus Content Links: 

These are links to offers that are not related to the email's context. For instance, you could place a banner with a link to a special promotion or an invitation to join a webinar on the side navigation panel. Any links to additional content that you include should be clearly labeled and show the value of the bonus content.

Permanent Links: 

Consider including links in any email conversations you send that are constantly accessible. For instance, this might contain connections to the front page of your website, social media links, and more. In addition, the link to unsubscribe should always be present and simple to discover so that any recipients who decide they no longer wish to receive your information can easily opt-out.

The CTAs you should include in your emails, such as reading blogs, downloading information, and even filling out contact forms, are all acceptable choices. Pick the option that best aligns with the aims of your email marketing campaigns and your current business goals.

Tip #7: Take Advantage of Email Marketing Automation

Email automation enables you to create and distribute customized emails to the appropriate prospects without having to do the work manually every time. Email automation is a huge time saver that enables you to be more strategic about who, what, and when you send emails. It is typically integrated into your email marketing software. You are a manufacturer, after all. Therefore, your primary priority should be to streamline processes.



In most cases, email automation sends a specific lead an email (or a workflow or series of emails) after they meet a specified trigger. For instance, it might automatically send a "welcome" email to a site subscriber. However, in an effort to re-engage someone who hasn't been active in a while, it might also send them a "we miss you" email. When you use email marketing automation, you can:

  • Improve and customize customer experiences
  • Make an automated email series or sequence based on customer behavior
  • Increase your own productivity

Tip #8: Never, ever, ever send SPAM



You definitely don't want anyone to report your emails as spam or to delete them from their mailbox. Therefore, you should print out the most recent version of the CAN-SPAM act before you even begin an email marketing campaign to remind yourself of some email marketing guidelines, such as the requirement that all recipients have given their consent before receiving commercial email, the availability of an unsubscribe link, the need to not deceive recipients about the email's content or source, and the use of legal methods to obtain a recipient's email address.

Tip #9: Progress updates

Many people who subscribe to your email list might be looking forward to information about new products or a forthcoming project. They can lose interest or even forget about your brand if they don't hear from you for a time.



Progress reports keep individuals informed and gradually spark their attention while generating value for potential consumers. When you include surveys and pinpoint solutions as your business gets closer to a release or upgrade, this kind of campaign may even be regarded as a part of a nurture series.

Tip #10: Send It When It Should Be Sent

Email marketers who take send timings seriously will testify to the fact that sending emails at the ideal moment has a significant impact.



You could read several blogs to learn the best times to send emails. The truth is that in order to choose the proper send time, you must first evaluate the demographics of your subscribers and choose a time based on their geography, line of work, or purchasing patterns.

Tip #11: Check Your Email's Deliverability

A minimum of 46% of email opens occur on mobile devices. Therefore you should offer responsive emails that display correctly on these devices. Make sure your email is optimized to be viewed on most devices.



Another excellent practice is to include alt-text for any photos included in emails. This ensures that the email's message is effectively communicated, even in cases of poor internet connectivity or when the images are disabled. These considerations make using an image-only email a big no-no.

Tip #12: Aim for the Holidays

Holiday campaigns must be issued as part of any effective eCommerce email marketing plan! Halloween, Black Friday, and Christmas come to mind when you consider the holiday season. However, these aren't the only holidays to aim for during the year.



You may design creative ads to target Father's Day based on your audience, or if most of your audience is in the US, you can design sales messages for the Fourth of July.

You can create unique segments for those who celebrate certain holidays using the power of customer data. Then, all you need is a stunning email layout and a compelling offer to persuade them to take action.

Tip #13: Reward loyal customers

Before we get into this email marketing tip, you should be aware that keeping current clients is much less expensive than finding new ones.



Therefore, if you wish to employ this strategy, you should start by focusing on your existing consumers before spending money to attract new ones. Customer loyalty mailings or campaigns to thank customers are one way for manufacturing companies to achieve this. An exceptional deal or discount code will delight your devoted customers and encourage them to visit your ecommerce website once more.

Tip #14: Analyze and Test Your Email Campaigns

A/B testing can be done for the subject line, copy, design, CTA, and other aspects of an email campaign to verify that you are delivering your subscribers the content they like.



You may learn from your failures and improve email delivery and performance for upcoming email campaigns by auditing your email program and reviewing your email data.


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