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Repeat Customer Discounts

We work as a wholesaler for marketing agencies who offer our services to their own clients, these agencies receive significant discounts on their orders and receive expedited support.

We'd like to offer these benefits for all of our returning customers who make a minimum threshold of orders. If you're a repeat customer you may qualify for savings between 10% - 30% per order. 


Key Benefits:

- We'll handle contract negotiations and ensure consistent and quality website traffic promotions with the largest media companies so you can focus on your business.

- Receive significant discounts on top of existing prices (including sales). Discounts range from 10% - 30% depending on order quantity.

- Receive expedited order support and fulfillment from our support staff. Know that if you have questions they will be answered promptly without delay.


Who Qualifies: 

- Marketing agencies

- Website or business owners who require consistent marketing services

- Affiliate marketers who'd like to resell our services


Discount Qualifiers Per Quarter (every 3 month):

- 10%: Minimum 1 Tier 2 order, or 10 Tier 1 orders

- 15%: Minimum 2 Tier 2 orders, or 20 Tier 1 orders

- 20%: Minimum 3 Tier 2 order,s or 30 Tier 1 orders

- 25%: Minimum 5 Tier 2 orders, or 50 Tier 1 orders

- 30%: Minimum 1 Tier 3 order, 10 Tier 2 order, or 100 Tier 3 orders


Contact us below with your planned order volume and tell us a bit about your business to apply, or ask us any questions about our volume discount program.